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Today the question most people with money are asking themselves is “where do I put my money, so that it can work as hard for me as I worked for it?”

We all know savings rates are derisory and at an all-time low, so most people with cash are looking for alternatives to grow their money above inflation. is a simple and efficient way to put your money to work harder for you in this economic climate. Our rapid growing number of clients tell us they joined buy2letcars because they wanted:

Their money working harder – to beat inflation, savings, ISA’s or fixed bonds
Asset backed security – a known tangible entity (the car) for peace of mind
Monthly income – to help with cash flow
Hands off investment vehicle – fully managed over the three year term

Unless you are a car dealer, a finance company or a bank you normally would not associate a car as an investment option to make your money work harder.
However banks have been doing just that for years, nearly 68% of new vehicles are funded by a bank or finance institution.
Source: thisismoney

Good Asset Backed Returns

With you become the bank and therefore are able to fund a vehicle which is leased out to a qualified vetted essential user, in most cases a key worker (nurse, police etc) and buy2letcars manages the whole process on your behalf. It is similar to what occurs in car dealerships daily across the country. Dealers hold the car in stock, find a customer to buy the car and the bank funds the process - therefore earning a good asset backed return. By you replacing the bank you reap the returns banks would otherwise make. It is that simple

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Another great unsolicited article about Buy2LetCars on peer-to-peer platform promising 11% returns


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8% - 11% Investment Levels

Fully fund a vehicle; An investment of £13,500 returns £17955 over a three year term paid to you in the following format;
Repayment starts on the 25th of the following month at a rate of £250 per month x 36 months = £9,000.00.
You have made a gain of 33% gross on your £13,500 of £4,455.00 – a total gross return of £17,955.00.
You have made a 33% gain on your £13,500 of £4,455.00 – a total return of £17,955.00.

Or alternatively fund a 2yr PCO vehicle lease.

Funding levels range from £12000-£17000 depending on the vehicle returns 16% gross over 2 years. For Example a vehicle funded at £12500 returns £14500 over the 2 year term paid to you in the following format:
Payments of £453.13 over 24 months total £10875.12 and on month 25 you receive a final lump sum exit fee of £3624.88
You have made 16 % gain on your £12500 of £2000. A total return of £14500.


Monthly Income

This is a very popular feature of our offering as clients appreciate the monthly income to address their day to day cash flow requirements. Each unit funded generates immediate cash payable by the 25th day of the next month from settlement and every month thereafter for a further 35 payments.

Asset Backed Security

Peer to peer/social lending is a fast growing and rewarding industry. However buy2letcars is the only company to offer the security of a tangible asset to all our clients giving peace of mind. Speak to one of our consultants to find out more.