Up to 33% return on your capital.
You fund lease vehicles… and we do the work.

For decades, banks had cornered the lucrative market in providing finance for people who wanted to lease a car, but now you can get in on the action. Buy2LetCars lets you put up the capital required to fund a vehicle which we then lease for you to one of our Wheels4Sure customers. You earn up to 11% return per annum on your investment, paid direct to your bank account in 24 or 36 monthly payments, with a lump sum exit payment at the end of the lease.

Up to

33% return

over 36 months

Fund £25,000 for a gross gain
of up to £8250

Up to

27% return

over 36 months

Fund £14,000 for a gross gain
of up to £3780

Up to

16% return

over 24 months

Fund £13,600 for a gross gain
of up to £2176

“I have been a client with Buy2LetCars for almost 3 years now. I was one of the early adopters of the business offering, after having seen their advert in The Sunday Times. At the beginning I was impressed with the honesty and straight answers regarding the safety of my money and therefore funded one of the earlier vehicles, when they got started in 2012.

I have since funded further vehicles and added to my fleet, which now provides a good regular monthly return. I have watched the business grow from Reg and Scott sitting in a tiny office in Victoria, London to what they have grown to as an organisation with multiple operating sites and a fast growing team of staff. Buy2LetCars has grown dramatically, with institutions now funding vehicles and banks are now getting involved! However, their vision remains the same, offering good returns with stable products and also allowing cash rich/credit challenged to lease a brand new car. So pleased am I with their services I have now joined the business and work for the leasing arm Wheels4Sure managing the client accounts of the institutional funds now available to the business.

I would highly recommend Buy2LetCars, so if you are interested, contact me personally so I can tell you about my experience in dealing with the company & its people.”