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If you are tired of seeing poor returns on your savings and investments – invest with us and watch your money GROW! At Buy2LetCars we do things a little differently from traditional investment methods and deliver consistently high returns for our investors* with our asset-backed scheme.

An investment with Buy2LetCars will fund a lease car for a UK driver over three years and deliver returns of up to 11% per annum return* for you. Your capital is repaid in monthly instalments over the 36 months with a final balancing payment amount plus interest being paid to you once the 36 months has expired. 

Think of what you could be doing with your high return investment!

What’s your three year plan?

People invest with us for a whole range of reasons – you may be looking to save for your first home, to fund a child through university, save for a wedding or a big family occasion, or to build your savings for retirement.

Whatever you’re saving for we aim to make your money work harder so that it delivers the best returns possible.

You can choose from four investment levels below.


Buy2LetCars - Our Investments

*Since 2012 100% of our investors received the returns they were expecting when investing with us. Interest amount will vary based on your investment amount. This figure is the expected interest amount. Please note, in certain circumstances the amount returned to you may be less than you invested. Please see our FAQs here for more details.

Level 1: £7-10,000
7% p.a Return
3 Years
Monthly payments
Gain £983
Level 2: £14,000
9% p.a Return
3 Years
Monthly Payments
Gain £3,080
Level 3: £28,000
10% p.a Return
3 Years
Monthly Payments
Gain £6,792
Level 4: £98,000
11% p.a Return
3 Years
Monthly Payments
Gain £26,458

These figures are typical returns that are expected to be paid to investors. Estimated returns may vary depending on the specific terms of any investment, but will always be shown to you before you invest. Actual returns may be lower than expected. For more information about how returns are calculated and the risks involved, please see our FAQs.

Important Notice Your capital may be at risk. The value of your investment may reduce in value and actual returns may be lower than expected. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. Please familiarise yourself with the risks involved by reading our FAQs and Key Risks on our website.

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