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An Ethical Investment

Prior to joining Buy2LetCars, I worked in the automotive industry for several years selling cars for a premium car manufacturer. Working at Buy2LetCars has been a real eye opener for me and provides me with a great sense of job satisfaction, knowing just how ethical and pandemic proof our investment opportunity is.

I was working amongst a team of 10 very competitive salesman who each had their own personal sales targets to meet each month. It was a tough environment to work in, there was lots of selling and deals being closed but perhaps on reflection, not much thought was going into who we were selling to, if it was the right car/finance package for them or even in some cases, if they had the capabilities to keep up their monthly repayments over the term of their finance agreement. 

Although the FCA (Finance Conduct Authority) have stepped up to address these issues, this is still a problem across the industry.

The way we conduct our business at Buy2Let Cars is very different. Our business model has not changed since inception back in 2012 and was formed specifically to lease vehicles to people who NEED a car rather than WANT a car. With our asset backed investment opportunity, your capital is used to fund a specific vehicle/s which we then lease to Key and Essential workers in the public sector over a 3 year term. We turn a car into a business for you with a 3 year lease contract.

You as an investor win earning up to 26% ROI and the car lessees win driving a brand new car. Buy2LetCars is car leasing funded by people for people.

If you are considering investing but feel you need some more information, take advantage of our free no obligation 20 min presentation which is done over a Zoom call and provides you with an in-depth overview of how we have achieved up to 11% returns per annum since 2012 with 0% payment defaults. The plan covers the “how’s”, “why’s” and the “what if’s” of our investment and can be done from the comfort of you own home or office.

How’s your money performing? Most importantly, who is your money helping?

Call me on 0203 823 1015 or email t.darlington@buy2letcars.com to arrange a convenient time slot.

T. Darlington, Funding Consultant

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