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B2L – A lockdown view

The lockdown period has affected us all in one way or another. It has given many of us time to explore all kinds of different things we usually wouldn’t have time for in our busy schedules. Things such as discovering new hobbies/sports, learning a different language or even just adding a daily exercise routine into one’s day.

Above all, it has simply given us more time to take a step back, evaluate, and focus in on the more important things. Let’s face it, interested rates are only going in one direction at the moment and this morning The Bank Of England have admitted for the first time ever that they are contemplating negative rates.

As we are currently unable to conduct our seminars due to the government guidelines regarding the coronavirus, we have moved online and now showing a shortened version of our investment presentation over a Zoom Call which we have been inundated receiving requests daily.

Have you had a chance to evaluate your financial position and how your savings/investments are performing? If not, now is the right time! The likelihood is that if you have any capital in savings accounts, ISA’s, bonds etc. It will be being eroded by way of inflation.

Take advantage of and get a full, clear and informed understanding of how our model works and how you can join our happy set of investors/funders and reap a reward of 7 to 11% IRR rate, we would be extremely pleased to show you ‘How It Works’. Now in our eighth year of trading and maintaining a 0% default payment to our investors since 2012, Buy2LetCars must have to be a consideration in your investment/income portfolio.

Call 0203 823 1015 or email t.darlington@buy2letcars.com to book your 20 minute, no obligation investment overview.

  • Tom Darlington, Funding Consultant
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