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On 19 February 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) immediately placed restrictions on Raedex Consortium Limited, the parent company of Buy2LetCars Limited. Raedex is not permitted to enter into any new vehicle lease agreements until such time as the FCA removes this restriction. As a result of these restrictions, Buy2LetCars Limited is not currently accepting any new investment. Raedex understands the importance of its regulatory obligations and will continue to be open and cooperative with the FCA in attempting to resolve these issues. We are currently discussing our accounts with the FCA and are confident that these discussions will result in a positive conclusion. These discussions do not affect any investments that are in place.

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Back to the Bone – 0.01% on my savings! This works out as £1 interest a year on £10,000 in the bank.

I was speaking with one of our existing investors Gregory Bower last week, as a recent letter from his bank regarding his new interest rate on his savings account prompted the call.

Greg stumbled across an advert for Buy2Let Cars in the Sunday Times back in 2016 and has informed me he wishes he had found us sooner! Greg had some bonds maturing at the time and after carrying out some thorough due diligence on our investment opportunity, he decided that Buy2Let Cars would be a great fit and contribute very nicely to his existing investment portfolio.

A completely hands-off investment that offers fixed returns combined with capital monthly repayments was the deciding factor for Greg to invest.

Greg currently has 4 units with us and is now on his second 3-year investment cycle. He has referred several of his friends and family to us through our new “Refer & Earn” programme and couldn’t be happier with the returns and how we have managed his account in such a friendly, personable and professional manner.

The recent letter from Lloyds bank has left Greg feeling deflated as he is aware that his hard-earned cash is being eaten away by inflation. Subsequently, he has decided to withdraw the money from his savings account to fund and add another unit to his current portfolio with Buy2Let Cars of which he is now earning 11% per annum, an increase of 10.99%!

– Tom Darlington, Funding Consultant

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