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The best way to invest £100k

When Buy2LetCars started as a business in June 2012, people asked us:

  • How many investors do you have – None
  • How many manufacturers do you deal with – One
  • How many cars do you have on the road – One
  • What happens if…

Our Portfolio

Here we are approaching our 6th year of trading, raised over £30 million worth of capital, deal with 14 manufacturers directly, have over 1000 cars on the road and over 500 individual investors. Now, we have many investors that realised the best way to invest £100k was with Buy2LetCars and not the stock market or in real estate. But the real stat that beats all the above is we have a zero % funder default, in simple terms, we have never missed a monthly payment or a final lump sum payment to any of our investors no matter what has happened to the vehicle that they have funded. Very impressive, I’m sure you’ll agree.

So, it comes as no surprise that the general public are now feeling much more comfortable when considering us as a possible investment opportunity. Back in the day, we used to think that we had hit the jackpot when someone used to fund one unit with us, now nearly 6 years on we are seeing a common trend that the entry levels have risen significantly. We, of course, appreciate and treat all our funders exactly the same whether they are funding one unit or multiple.

The Best Way to Invest 100k

However, since August 2015 another milestone for us (this is the month when we started paying out people that have completed their 3-year cycles), we have had people looking for the best way to invest £100k. If you are someone who has a large sum of money and want to see 11% per annum as a return here is an option for you. £98k will fund 7 units with us, and we will pay you £1,871.53 every month for 36 months. Then, on month 37 we will pay you a gross final lump sum payment of £62,965 giving you a total gross gain of £32,340.

If you are looking at these figures and thinking that they are too good to be true, why not have a look at what some of our investors have had to say about us.

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