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On 19 February 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) immediately placed restrictions on Raedex Consortium Limited, the parent company of Buy2LetCars Limited. Raedex is not permitted to enter into any new vehicle lease agreements until such time as the FCA removes this restriction. As a result of these restrictions, Buy2LetCars Limited is not currently accepting any new investment. Raedex understands the importance of its regulatory obligations and will continue to be open and cooperative with the FCA in attempting to resolve these issues. We are currently discussing our accounts with the FCA and are confident that these discussions will result in a positive conclusion. These discussions do not affect any investments that are in place.

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The Best Way To Invest £10k

If you’re looking for the best way to invest £10k, then you’re probably not short of options, but which options really are worthwhile? Here at Buy2LetCars, we offer investors/savers the opportunity to gain between 7-10% per annum on your lazy cash.

All our entry levels are dependent on how comfortable you are with our business model, so it really is a dip your toe in the water exercise to build that level of trust and comfortability up and like 80% of our investors I’m sure you’ll be adding to your fleet in no time.

The good thing with us as an investment opportunity is we start at a relatively low amount £7,000 and go up to as high as you would like to, there’s always the demand for our vehicles through our sister company Wheels4Sure so we are never in the position to turn any funding away, in fact, quite the opposite, which as a business is a good position to be in because if it was the other way around you wouldn’t be reading this!

The Best Way to Invest 10k

At the lower end of the scale, we find that a lot of investors like choose to invest in our £10k option this will fund one of our second-hand vehicles that have completed the 3-year cycle’s. The best way to invest £10k, and the returns are as follows.

Upon cleared funds you will receive 36 payments of £235.28 these are credited to your bank on or around the 25th of every month, then on month 37 we pay you a gross final lump sum payment of £3,630, we are obligated to withhold 20% tax on the profit that you make on this being £2,100 so the tax we withhold is £420. You are then issued an R185 form from our accounts department to indicate that you have paid the tax liable on this investment.

Here is a useful link to our funding calculator to find out more about our options.

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