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On 19 February 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) immediately placed restrictions on Raedex Consortium Limited, the parent company of Buy2LetCars Limited. Raedex is not permitted to enter into any new vehicle lease agreements until such time as the FCA removes this restriction. As a result of these restrictions, Buy2LetCars Limited is not currently accepting any new investment. Raedex understands the importance of its regulatory obligations and will continue to be open and cooperative with the FCA in attempting to resolve these issues. We are currently discussing our accounts with the FCA and are confident that these discussions will result in a positive conclusion. These discussions do not affect any investments that are in place.

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The Best Way to Invest £30K

The Best Way to Invest £30K

£30,000 is nothing to laugh at, it’s a large sum of money. And therefore should be treated as such with the proper care and attention. Is an ISA or a typical savings account not doing the proper justice your investment deserves? 

If you’re interested in other means to build return on your investment in a way that you can see, there are other options available.

How To Invest Your 30K

When working with a budget of £30,000, there are many investment options at your disposal. However, each (as with every investment method) are met with differing levels of risk and reward. This is only ostracised when you’re looking at how long you plan to invest, whether a year, three or more. 

It’s important when working with large sums of money that the money is invested in a means that not only earns you a return, but also one that suits your needs. You could be looking at stocks, bonds, property etc. however, the problem that arises is that you need the proper time and patience to invest.


Investment options such as bonds, while they can provide a great return when managed properly, are way too risky for a period of a few years. This is why investors often turn to alternative means of investment to see a real benefit from their money.

Buy2LetCars a new high-return means of investing that could be your ideal way to invest £30K at the moment. With an investment of £30,000 you can receive a comfortable monthly income and up to 10% return on your investment. 

That’s all well and good, but how does it work?

Why You Should Invest 30K In Car Leasing

Here at Buy2LetCars, our investors trust us to reliably and successfully increase the value of their money, through investing in car leasing. Your £30,000 is invested over a three year period, where you receive regular monthly repayments to pay you the £30K and more! 

Using our investor’s funds we then buy a vehicle which is then leased out to make your monthly payments. 

1) High Returns

When you invest with Buy2LetCars we can make your £30,000 investment work for you, in a way that suits your needs. You’ll receive regular payments, paid straight into your bank each month over a 36 month period, and a final gross payment right at the end!

We help you to make more out of your money, through reliable investing. We stress the word ‘reliable’ because you can count on the same rate of interest, the same monthly payments across the entirety of your contract. 

2) Reliable, Fixed Monthly Income

With an investment of £30K, you gain an interest rate of 10% P.A in repayments. Which when compared to other means such as savings and ISAs is much higher, and more than beats the cost of inflation. 

When you invest £28K with us, you’ll receive 36 monthly payments of £511.38. This is followed by a gross final payment of £16,382.70 in month 37. That’s a total of £6,792.38 in gross interest that you’ll earn over the three year period.

If you’re looking for a simple way to invest your £30,000, we provide a seamless investment opportunity where the funds are paid directly into your bank account each month. 

3) Zero Defaults

When it comes to our investors, we provide them with the utmost transparency and care. And as such we have a zero funder default and have never missed a single payment to one of our investors.

Our investment schemes are not only built on the premise of great return on your capital, but are also built with structural integrity. The car leasing sector is only growing more popular, with new models arriving all with new tech, fuel efficiency and design – it’s only set to grow further.

Many of our investors have realised that our investment opportunity is the best way to invest £30K, with a fixed high rate of return. So whether you’re investment funds a single vehicle or 5, all our investors reap the same benefits and see their money flourish in a way that hasn’t been seen before.

What Investment Options Do We Offer?

We offer a flexible range of investment options to cater to your needs with a varying interest of 7-11% IRR. Our most popular tiers are £10,000 investments, £20,000 investments, all the way up to £50,000 and £100,000 investments.

Each option available offers a great return on investments, alongside great value and complete transparency. 

Before You Invest

Investing can play a large part in your current financial situation. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly access your finances before making any investment decisions. 

It’s important when investing to be aware of the risks associated while investing is great for the long run you need to ensure that you’re in a stable financial position in the meantime. 

Before investing, it’s heavily advised that you have 6-8 months worth of savings to allow you to remain comfortable if the worst comes. Obviously nobody likes to think like that, but it’s essential that the short term is just as comfortable as the long term return.

Similarly to the above, we’d suggest clearing any outstanding bills, debts, credit etc. before investing. This puts you in a better position to ‘weather the storm’ as it were while you’re reaping the benefits of investing your £30,000.

Invest With Buy2LetCars

Invest your £30K with Buy2LetCars to nurture your money to seize the growth you deserve. Use our investment calculator to calculate your possible return on investment, right then and there.

If you are interested in our investment opportunities, contact our team today on 0203 823 1032, or get in touch using our enquiries form. If you prefer a face to face chat, come and meet us at our walk-in centre, found at 1 Bell Parade, Glebe Way, West Wickham, BR4 0RH. 

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