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On 19 February 2021, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) immediately placed restrictions on Raedex Consortium Limited, the parent company of Buy2LetCars Limited. Raedex is not permitted to enter into any new vehicle lease agreements until such time as the FCA removes this restriction. As a result of these restrictions, Buy2LetCars Limited is not currently accepting any new investment. Raedex understands the importance of its regulatory obligations and will continue to be open and cooperative with the FCA in attempting to resolve these issues. We are currently discussing our accounts with the FCA and are confident that these discussions will result in a positive conclusion. These discussions do not affect any investments that are in place.

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The Best Way To Invest 70K

The Best Way To Invest 70K

£70,000 is a large sum of money, and given the proper nurturing it can grow even further. It’s often difficult to find an investment scheme that works for you, while reliably and consistently ensuring high returns.

If your savings account or ISA is just barely keeping up with the rate of inflation, your £70K investment could benefit from looking at a wider asset pool.

How To Invest Your 70K

When looking to invest your £70,000 there is a wide range of investment options that would all work in tandem with your overall portfolio. However, with each means of investment, you are met with varying levels of risk – which in some cases isn’t worth the reward. 

When investing to gain real value from your money, we’d recommend a minimum investment period of three years. When looking at standard investment opportunities in stocks, bonds, property etc. this period either just makes some assets too risky or doesn’t allow for noticeable return. 

Due to these factors, most investors are always on the lookout for alternative investment ideas to utilise their money to its maximum potential. 

Buy2LetCars are a new and reliable way of investing money offering high monthly returns. Investing £70,000 over a three year period repays with you assured monthly instalments, with an 11% return on investment. But how does it work?

Why You Should Invest 70K In Car Leasing

Here at Buy2LetCars our investors to grow their money reliably and with consistently through one simple means: car leasing. 

Using our investor’s funds we buy vehicles on their behalf which are then leased out to UK drivers over a three year period. Over the three years, you will receive monthly instalments, paid directly into your bank. It’s really as simple as that.

So, why exactly is car leasing the best way to invest £70K? Let’s find out.

1) Reliable, Fixed Income

With an investment of £70,000, you get an interest rate of 10% P.A in repayments. We work to repay your money and more in a 36 month period, whereas other methods would take much longer or is coupled with considerably more risk.

When looking at asset classes such as property, stocks, bonds etc. while they’re great ways of investing and should be considered when diversifying your portfolio, they aren’t consistent. Especially when met with the deadline of a few years, unfortunately, most are unable to generate noticeable returns in that short span of time or are met with more risk than reward.

When you invest £70K with us, you’ll receive 36 monthly payments of £1,278.45. This is followed by a final gross payment on month 37 of £40,956.75. That’s a total of £16,980.95 gross interest that you make over the 3 year period from your £70K investment. 

If you’re looking for a no-fuss way of investing that produces passive income, simply make one payment and see the returns get paid into your bank account each month. It really is that simple.

2) High Monthly Payments

When investing your £70K we look at your investment in a way that benefits you in both the short term and long term. To help you feel comfortable in the meantime while you’re being paid the monthly payments. 

When investing £70,000 you receive an interest rate of 11% P.A. When compared to other means of investing such as ISAs and bonds, this is a much higher rate of investment that generates an apparent return. 

Your £70K will fund 5 vehicles, each of which will be leased out for a set fee. This means that while other investments’ interest may fluctuate up and down, you will get an 11% rate of return.

3) Zero Defaults

Here at Buy2LetCars, we pride ourselves on providing a service that fills our investors with confidence and excitement about their investment. We’re proud to announce that we have a zero percent default, which means that we have never missed a payment to any of our investors.

We manage any and all factors out of the investor’s control, meaning if any problems were to arise with payments from leasing your cars – you would still receive payments in full, on time, every time.

We have a keen interest in car leasing, and what a time to invest in such a lucrative industry. The car leasing sector is growing more popular year on year, as more people are realising it’s an affordable and stressfree way to drive luxury cars. 

With car manufacturers only upping the ante to compete with the best of the best, car leasing can reward drivers with new intuitive entertainment systems, fuel efficiency and fresh experiences with each release. Which is only drawing more attention, to the low-cost, efficient car leasing.

Many investors have realised that car leasing is the simplest and most effective way to invest £30K. So, whether you’re funding 5 or 15 vehicles all our investors are able to reap the same benefits.


What Investment Options Do We Offer?

We have a wide range of investment options that cater to each investor’s specific needs, with several tiers that work to maximise your money. Our most popular options are £10K investments, £20K investments, £30K investments, all the way up to £50K, £70K and £100K investments.

Each of our investment tiers offers complete transparency in return, generating the same interest P.A across the board.

Before You Invest

Before you invest it’s important that you are completely confident in your financial situation. You need to make sure that you’re able to comfortably carry on paying bills etc. when you part with your investment.

Alongside being in a comfortable position, when investing it’s also a rule of thumb to have gathered savings of at least 6-8 months. Because while we don’t like to think about if the worst happened, it’s vital to be prepared just in case. Of course, your monthly repayments will help but it’s important to be able to rely on your own finances.

We would also recommend before investing your money in any way, shape, or form, that you clear any debt or credit you may have. Again, this can affect your ability to stay stable while awaiting your interest.

Invest With Buy2LetCars

Invest your £70K with Buy2LetCars to see how we can make your money work for you. Invest in a high return investment and use your £70,000 to its fullest potential. 

If you are interested in our investment opportunities, contact our team today on 0203 823 1032, or get in touch using our enquiries form. If you prefer a face to face chat, come and meet us at our walk-in centre, found at 1 Bell Parade, Glebe Way, West Wickham, BR4 0RH.

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