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Count your chickens before they hatch with Buy2LetCars delivering 11% pa since 2012

Property under siege

The great British buy-to-let dream is under severe threat, a report has claimed, with a forecast that landlord purchases will dive 27 per cent by 2022.

Estate agent Savills believes the number of mortgaged buy-to-let property purchases will fall from 75,000 this year to just 55,000 in five years’ time, as small investors are squeezed out by tougher regulations and increasing taxes.

Why is buy-to-let suffering?

  • Tighter mortgage regulations
  • Increased stamp duty charges
  • Phasing out of mortgage interest relief
  • Taxed revenue rather than profit.

Banks have profited from vehicle leasing for many years – You can do the same with Buy2LetCars.

The Sunday Times recently cited that customers with a patchy record of repayment are among the most profitable for retail banks. As regulation has curbed returns in investment banking and trading, big lenders have piled more capital into this market.

There is a lot of money to be made in the secondary car funding market, banks and car finance companies make up to 49.6% APR using your money to achieve this mean feat.

Buy2LetCars clients have been achieving returns of up to 33% over a 36 month term since 2012, and we are proud to say we have delivered:

  • 100% Investor satisfaction rating.
  • 0% default to funder – all accounts paid in full as per contract. With a Buy2LetCars investment you can count your chickens as you know where you stand from day one of doing business with us.
  • 97% lessee recommendation score from the drivers of the vehicles Buy2LetCar fund. Click here to read more.

Britain’s largest banks are failing to pass on the full benefit of this month’s 0.25% interest uplift. This week’s Sunday Times league table below:


Barclays – 0.6%
HSBC – 0.3%
Santander – 0.25%
NatWest – 0.25%
Lloyds – 0.2%

Easy access accounts based on £50,000 saved.

Buy2LetCars 7-11% per annum delivered since 2012 with investments starting from as little as £7000.

Make money from the antiquated credit scoring system as hundreds have done since launch in 2012.

We all know that the better your credit score, the better interest rates you get on loans and credit cards. But did you know that the information on your credit report also affects your ability to get a job, qualify for a promotion, receive preferred utility rates, and even get approved for cars?

But… the entire credit reporting process can occur WITHOUT any input from, monitoring by, or notification to the CONSUMER!

No other industry has so much control over your life with so little consent on your part!

This is why we service this market as we get to listen and learn in depth about the customer we are leasing a car to, our 97% credit quality is reflective of this.

Even jobs are now affected

As many as 1,923 applicants were turned down for a position due to their adverse finances in the year to July, up from 1,788 a year earlier, according to the analysis of the Reed Screening database.

As credit affects jobs above, so it is affecting good paying customers who may have had a mishap in the past to obtain a car needed for work and family life. This is the market we serve with transparency and distinction and it is all due to our community of Buy2LetCars funders.

New cars going out to hard-working fully employed clients who have been stress tested for affordability. The Buy2LetCars funder receives their payment on the 25th of the month uninterrupted for 36 months and a final payment in month 37. Total hands-off investment.

People helping people social benefits, see who you are helping while getting a good return on your money.

Meet the Shelton’s based in Yorkshire they own their own business and first saw Wheels4Sure on Sky news. Both husband and wife are benefiting from cars funded by Buy2LetCars clients.

‘Wheels for sure is one of the best company’s I have ever dealt with.’ – Said Mrs Shelton.

Meet Amy based in Kent a Social worker picking up her new car. Heard about Wheels4Sure on Capital Xtra.

This is what she had to say – “Ryhanna was amazing and so helpful.” Click here for the full comments

What’s the worst that can happen?

Well after 6 years and over 1200 cars later we have seen all sorts of scenarios. The good news is the funder is never affected, all our funders have received their money 100% as per contract. We have a contingency for every eventuality – servicing, high mileage, repossession, theft, write off is all undertaken by Buy2LetCars and never the funder.

Listen to a Buy2LetCars investor with 22 cars funded and a client since summer 2012.

Is it not time you joined the fastest growing sector in the finance industry in the UK worth £58billion a year?

Get your money working harder with Buy2LetCars. Find out more now, call 0208 289 6667 or email info@buy2letcars.com or fill out this short form for a callback.

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