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Giving you the opportunity to replace the banks in the car financing market

Did you know that, according to the Finance and Leasing Association, in the UK 92% of brand-new vehicles are purchased on a finance or leasing package? Financial institutions and banks get involved in this market as it provides a secured, asset-backed return with high upside.

Since 2012 Buy2Let Cars have been giving private individuals and limited companies the same opportunity to fund a lease vehicle and earn returns to 26% ROI over three years.

The car financing market is worth over £75b and is currently the fastest growing sector in the finance industry. What a lot of people are not aware of is that if you have any capital sitting in a savings account or cash ISA’s, without you knowing, the banks are using your funds in the car financing industry and reaping rewards of up to 49.6% APR whilst they pay you a measly 1.4%…. Here is proof we found online. The second table below shows the rates available on savings account over a 3-year term from MoneySavingExpert.

Does this look like compassionate capitalism to you?

Since inception in 2012, we have helped thousands of private individuals and limited companies achieve inflation beating returns on their money. What are you waiting for? We are busier now through this pandemic than ever before. With perpetual low interest rates for savers/investors and a focus on supplying lease cars to Key and Essential workers we are the busiest we have ever been. Buy2Let Cars is a business that was designed to thrive during and in any economic condition. In the last 6 months we have seen a 65% increase in applications through Wheels4Sure our car leasing arm. Rather than furloughing our staff we have had to hire additional leasing consultants to manage the increased demand. We have accepted over 250 applications from Key and Essential workers since July 1st alone, how many of the 250 units would you like to fund?

I have included the link below to our 23 min overview presentation that our director Scott Martin has recently recorded which we highly recommend and encourage all potential investors to view. We have already had some amazing feedback and has proven to be a winner with our investors. The recording will give you an in depth understanding of how our business works, what our customers say about us and how we have achieved the returns we have for our clients since launch in 2012. After watching this video, you will be able to make an informed decision from a position of knowledge on whether Buy2Let Cars is right for you.

Presentation link: https://vimeo.com/437089787

Please email me on t.darlington@buy2letcars or call on 0203 823 1015 to request the password.

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