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I got divorced and didn’t know where to turn to protect my capital

In June I received a telephone enquiry from a lady that had recently gone through a divorce. She had been married for over 25 years and always relied on her husband to take care of their financial matters, so when the divorce got finalised she didn’t have a clue where to look to invest her capital and of course was massively concerned.

After much research she contacted us. It was from there that I had a very in-depth conversation with her, of course, she was still very nervous and found it difficult to understand how she would make 11% per annum on a depreciating asset with the amount that she was looking to invest.

So, as with all potential funders I invited her into our head office at Godstone to meet not only myself but our CEO, Operations Director and all of the other members of staff that work there from accounts to Wheels4Sure staff. We arranged the date and she came in for the meeting. We went through everything step-by-step making sure that no stone was left unturned.

After a few hours, she felt confident and happy with everything and decided to fund a huge lump of her settlement with us (14 cars). Since then she has added a further two cars to her fleet! She has been so happy with us and how her payments go in on time that she decided to go travelling for three months at the back end of 2016 to Asia, and yes it was her monthly returns that enabled her to have her spending money while over there. She is very much enjoying the single life!

If you would like to find out more on how you can earn from 7-11% per annum, in a hands-off way please feel free to contact me on 0203 823 1032 or b.cheesman@buy2letcars.com and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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