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Socially Responsible Investing with Buy2LetCars

Socially Responsible Investing with Buy2LetCars

How do you invest your money and feel good while doing it? With socially responsible investing that dream just became a reality. Make ethical, socially-conscious investments that generate a commendable ROI while knowing you’re supporting good, moral causes. 

While the main reasons for investing is to make the most out of your money, it’s important to keep in mind you can still do that while staying true to your moral and ethical beliefs. If you’d like to learn more about socially responsible investing and how our investments fit in with that, read on below.

Let’s start by looking at what ‘socially responsible investing’ means. 

What Is Socially Responsible Investing?

‘Socially responsible lending’ or SRI for short has gained traction quite drastically over the last few years due to uncovering ‘shady’ or unethical practices from large corporations, leading to investors seeking more ethical means of investing.

There are few names given to socially responsible investing; social investments, sustainable, socially-conscious, “green”, ethical investing etc. they all mean the same thing. Socially responsible investing is the practice of investing money for return while supporting ethically and socially responsible causes. 

Sometimes that means passing up the opportunity of possibly more tangible investments, in exchange for supporting a moral, sustainable cause. Meaning most high yield investments such as alcohol, gambling, tobacco, arms etc. are all cleanly off the table.

There are several ways you can socially responsible invest, SRI is different to each person’s individual values. Whether you’re more socially conscious, look at moral values, religious values, political values or environmental values and green investing – it’s up to you to decide in which direction you’re swaying. 

What Are The Benefits To Socially Responsible Investing?

It’s easy to let the possibility of more money overshadow your moral and ethical obligations, but with socially responsible investing you’re earning more than just a return on your investment.

There are several questions that you may found yourself asking: 

  • Does socially responsible investing make financial sense?
  • Does socially responsible investing work?
  • Is socially responsible investing important?

Yes. There are numerous benefits to socially responsible investing, so whether you’re investing £10,000, £20,000 or even £70,000 you can take advantage of everything socially responsible lending has to offer.

And if you’re new to the whole investing process it may be worth checking out our ‘Beginners Guide To Investing’ article.

Standing Up For What You Believe In

Standing up for your morals and beliefs in a world that rewards quite the opposite, it can often be difficult or near impossible to be comfortable with doing so. However, with socially responsible investing it makes your decision that much easier. 

It allows you to ‘put your money where your mouth is’ so to speak and invest in a cause that sits within your beliefs. If you don’t agree with a certain practice, you can take your stand by choosing not to invest with them. 

By being more confident in your financial decisions it may enable you to take charge of other areas of your life with more confidence in what you’re doing. By investing in socially responsible investments you can relax in the knowledge that your investment is safe, secure and supporting a good cause.

Supporting & Rewarding Ethical Businesses

It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking that one person can’t make a change. But, that is what unethical, large corporations rely on to not lose out on a key portion of their audience. While you may not think that you choosing to invest in an ethical cause is going to affect change, change has to start somewhere.

Once you make the decision to cut off unethical businesses and start investing in socially responsible, ethical causes you are actively punishing unethical causes and supporting ethical, sustainable ventures that are trying to make positive change. 

Additionally, as you support these ethical organisations they are then in a better position to act on and make more positive changes. 

Rewarding businesses for acting ethically is just the beginning. Hopefully, with socially responsible investing this can be somewhat of a catalyst to help make real, positive change both for the environment and social causes. 

This also may encourage unethical business practices to reduce or cease as times and behaviours change. But, it all starts with you and your socially responsible investment.

SRI Doesn’t Hurt Your Returns

The other benefit is it doesn’t actually hurt your returns. Socially responsible investment opportunities can be just as rewarding as traditional investments. 

The RBC GAM monitor a wide range of financial trends and issues, and as an expansion on a 2012 research paper have concluded that socially responsible investing do not hurt your returns.

Furthermore you can invest in traditional strategies to minimise risk and increase your return, such as diversification and investing for passive income. It’s important to still diversify your portfolio to limit risk, making use of different industries, geographics and asset types to keep your investments stable. 

But, with the knowledge that social responsible investing doesn’t mean you have to accept less of a return – hopefully it becomes even more empowering to invest in causes that align with your moral and ethical beliefs.

Our Approach To Socially Responsible Investing

Our approach to socially responsible investing is simple, we support socially, economically, environmentally, sustainable responsible causes. From the way we do our business right down to where our funds come from, we ensure that our practices are ethical and moral. 

The way we do business, has not and will not change since we began in 2012. We believe in transparent, pure and socially responsible investments and as such do our best to provide that to our customers. 

Here are some of the ways we are working hard to provide socially responsible investing. 

Fund Purity

We have always been 100% transparent about where our funds come from, they are provided by independent investors. Furthermore, we don’t sell cars to people that WANT them, we only sell cars to people that NEED them that would otherwise be without. 

We don’t try to compete with larger companies, we know our market and their needs and provide the best service we can. Our funds are directly used to purchase several vehicles as a means of investment, which are then leased to key workers and essential workers.. 

We’re helping both those looking for sustainable, rewarding investments and those with a bad credit rating in finding a way to lease a car and build back their credit score.


Much like the above point, our process, customers and rewards have been completely transparent. We take pride in the fact that we’re able to provide investing that supports ethical, moral causes such as pairing those up with additional income with those struggling to acquire affordable bad credit car leasing.

Our socially responsible investments are also transparent in our rate of interest and how that grows up to 11% with larger investments. These interests rates do not change throughout your investment period, what you see is what you get. 

Our investment options are an investment opportunity created by the people, for the people. 

Community Involvement

Here at B2LC we thrive off community involvement and are always on the lookout for an ethical, green cause to support. The latest of which is Lingfield Nature Reserve. 

We have sponsored their ‘regeneration project’ to grow the butterfly garden and supply financial support to cover the groundworks and the restocking of plants.

The project in itself will take over several months to come to fruition with choosing the correct plants and in choosing how best to take on the remedial work. 

We are always eager to support green and ethical causes within our community. This opportunity has allowed us to ‘branch out’ and reward the community who have supported us, and give back to a green, ethical cause.

Our Business Model

As previously mentioned our business model and investments are built by the people for the people. We pride ourselves on supporting a moral and ethical cause as we look to pair people that have additional income with those that are in the need of a car to lease.

When you have poor or low credit it can be very disheartening in a lot of ways. It can impact your financial health, wellbeing, mental health and can seem like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. We understand how difficult this is, and made even more so being rejected by numerous mainstream lenders. 

So, with our investments we fund a fleet of vehicles that are then used to lease out to those that are struggling to get accepted by general lenders. We understand that any sort of finance or leasing option would be firmly off-limits as a result of poor credit history, however, at Buy2LetCars we believe in second chances.

A second chance to secure affordable finance. A second chance to build credit scores. A second chance to regain financial wellbeing. We see providing affordable leasing much more than just that of itself, it’s a means of building your credit score back up through consistent repayments and achieving financial stability. 

So if you’re looking for a socially responsible investment, we’re sure we have something of interest to you here at Buy2LetCars.

Key Workers

A lot of businesses as of late have been rewarding key workers for their admirable work through lockdown and coronavirus. Here at Buy2LetCars we have been safe and reliable vehicles to key workers since 2012. 

We’ve always believed it’s important to keep NHS staff and key workers on the roads and mobile, especially in this current climate as public transport can be unreliable and not fit for last minute call outs. Affordable leasing provides key workers with the opportunity to safely and comfortably get to work, at whatever hour. 

We also understand that the day-to-day lives of our key workers can be notoriously difficult, hectic and leave minimal time for personal downtime, nevermind actual admin or upkeep. So with all leases we provide a full three year warranty and a full service plan to ensure our key workers have one less thing to worry about.

Recently we have offered a NHS discount for all key workers to make leasing even easier and more affordable during hard times. This includes £15 of all monthly payments, making for a total saving of £525! We have also provided a 15% discount for all initial payments, as we understand contributing a large sum of money can be difficult (especially in these trying times). 

We believe in socially responsible investing as a means to enable us to help the people that need it most. We use our investments responsibly, morally and ethically to fund projects that support those in need. 

Why You Should Invest In Buy2LetCars For Socially Responsible Investing

Here at Buy2LetCars, we work to ensure that your socially responsible investments are met with high returns, transparency, all tied up in a neat ethical package. Your investments are not only met with passive, monthly income, but also a sizable gross payment right at the end!

Your money is invested over a three year period, in this time you’ll earn considerable monthly payments alongside a 7-11% return on your investment per annum.

Our investment funds are used to purchase a fleet of vehicles which are then used to rent out to lease for your monthly payments. We do all the hard work.

1) Reliable, Fixed Payments

All we’re looking for is an initial investment of £7,000 or more to get you started on making the most out of your money. So whether you have £7,000, £70,000, or even £100,000 we provide the perfect opportunity to make the most out of your socially responsible investment. 

You can rely on a 7% rate of interest per annum, which can increase up to 11% depending on your investment amount. Which when compared to traditional savings accounts and ISAs provides a much higher rate of return.

While other socially responsible investing options will most likely be struggling to beat the cost of inflation, our investments ensure you see reliable, fixed payments throughout the 36 month period. 

We provide a simple, easy way of socially responsible investing with funds arriving directly into your bank each month without fail.

2) Considerable Returns

When you invest with Buy2LetCars you’re not only investing in a socially responsible cause, you’re working to make the most out of your money. By investing your money smartly we’re able to maximise your earning potential and generate both monthly payments and a lump sum. 

Our returns are set in stone right from the beginning and will not change. The interest you are sold initially is the same throughout the entirety of your contract. 

3) Zero Defaults

As part of our socially responsible investing practices, all our investments are 100% transparent. From the beginning, it is made abundantly clear what the requirements, returns, duration all are. 

We don’t have any nasty surprises, returns are calculated before and payments are delivered on time, without fail. So much so, that we’re proud to announce that we have a zero funder default and have never missed any payment to any of our treasured investors.

Many of our investors have realised that B2LC is the best way to invest for socially responsible causes. So whether you’re looking to generate money for a new house, retirement or education, we enable you to do so while supporting an ethical cause.

What Investments Do We Offer?

Our investments start at £7,000 and work all the way up to £200K plus. We offer a comprehensive range of socially responsible investing opportunities, with interest from 7-11% IRR.

Using our returns calculator you can work out exactly how much you can make from ethical investing.

Socially Responsible Investing With Buy2LetCars

Buy2LetCars offers the socially responsible investing that you’ve been looking for. Our investments are tried and tested and backed up by all our satisfied customers. Why not see if socially responsible investing is right for you?

If you are interested in our investment opportunities, contact our team today on 0203 823 1032, or get in touch using our enquiries form. If you prefer a face to face chat, come and meet us at our walk-in centre, found at 1 Bell Parade, Glebe Way, West Wickham, BR4 0RH.

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