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You are invited to join the fastest growing sector in the finance industry worth £58 billion a year…

It’s political party season in the UK as you may have seen on TV recently. There is another party that we would like to invite you to, it is a £58 billion a year party and Buy2LetCars is your only access route to this party. We are not talking politics we are talking economics.

£58billion a year is nothing to sniff at, however, the only players in the industry are institutions, car finance companies and banks. Until 2012 when two industry professionals came up with Buy2LetCars and started giving access to the public to this thriving industry. Since that time we have helped hundreds of clients get involved in an industry where the returns exceed inflation by wide margins. Buy2LetCars have been returning ALL its funders up to 11% return since inception. We are proud to say not only have we got a 100% funder satisfaction rating we also have a 0% default rating on our funding client accounts. Watch the video below courtesy of SKY news.


At one point buy2let property and pay as you mobiles did not exist. Buy2LetCars story mimics two key strategies which revolutionised both industries.

“Prior to the 1980s, the number of private individuals who became landlords was very small. Buying property to rent was seen as the preserve of professional landlords and persons who were sufficiently wealthy to pay cash or having sizable deposits enabling them to obtain commercial style mortgages. The modern style ‘buy-to-Let’ mortgage, was not available and the possibility of purchasing property as a means of funding a retirement income did not occur to most people. The infrastructure of loans, advice and information was not available.”Wikipedia.org

Buy2LetCars.com – The funding arm

Prior to 2012, the number of private individuals who became ‘carlords’ was non-existent. Car funding was the preserve of the banking world, where they made high returns using your savings, deposits and pensions while they return you less than inflation-beating returns. Since 2012 we have deployed millions on behalf of hundreds of private clients and limited companies including a Credit Union who has experienced 100% satisfaction rating and 0% default across all accounts.

Wheels4Sure.com – The new car leasing arm

“A prepay mobile device (also commonly referred to as pay-as-you-go, pay-as-you-talk, pay and go, go-phone or prepaid) is a mobile device such as a phone for which credit is purchased in advance of service use. The purchased credit is used to pay for telecommunications services at the point the service is accessed or consumed. If there is no available credit, then access to the requested service is denied by the mobile network.” Wikipedia.org

Fascinating our Buy2LetCars funded cars is run by our sister company Wheels4Sure all work in a similar fashion to a pre-pay mobile system. All cars are pre-paid and fitted with a device which prevents any of our assets being used without being paid for and rightly so! Combined with our strict vetting process (before the driver takes delivery of a Buy2LetCars funded car) we boast a 97% credit quality – meaning 97% of our direct debits are honoured in full and on time, the balance of 3% is managed by an effective collections team to ensure we get what is due to the company. It is vital to note that we explain this just for your interest but to date, none of our funders has been affected by any late payment and we intend to maintain this going forward.

Ironically we also maintain a 97% client satisfaction rating in our sector for the lessee business, the highest in the UK!

See the people your funding get on with their lives and make happy below.

The complete journey provides end to end solution

From funding, to procurement, new lease, and even disposal we take care of everything back to back.

While Buy2LetCars brings in the funds from you, so that you can earn a decent return up to 11%, Wheels4sure leases out the cars and after three years the cars are disposed of in retail fashion which means we control the outcomes of our financial model efficiently.

We do all the work from end to end all you have to do is put your money to work, in a £58billion a year sector.

Buy2LetCars are the only entity capable of inviting you to do this. Hundreds have gone before you with first class returns and paid on time. We have completed two full repayment circles over five years with everyone receiving exactly what they signed up for. 100% repayment record.

If you would like to motor (pun intended) your money to fast growth of up to 11% contact us:

Whichever option you choose, choose to grow your money in this low interest era, which erodes your cash sitting idly in the bank.

Join this £58billion industry in a hands free investment and earn what is due to you on your money by entering the industry direct.

Buy2LetCars has to have a place in your diversified portfolio, calculate your returns and then give us a call to discuss your options.

If you want to know more you can come and visit our lovely walk in centre at 1 Bell Parade, Glebe Way, West Wickham BR4 0RH or contact us on 0208 289 6667 or info@buy2letcars.com.

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