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Alternative Investment Ideas

Brett Cheesman

Published on: 18th August 2017
Written by: Brett Cheesman

Buy2LetCars attend around 5 property investment shows around the UK every year, many people that we have spoken to in this time will ask us the same questions:


  1. Why are you here at this type of investment show?
  2. What investment opportunities do you offer?
  3. Why should I start investing in Buy2LetCars?
  4. What is the risk involved?

The answer is simple; Buy2LetCars offers investor’s alternative investment ideas in a few different ways. Over 75% of our investors have investments in property, and many have a portfolio of 1 or more properties. The reason that they love what we do is that when buying a buy 2 let property you may have to deal with many key risks and problems from tenants such as them not paying their monthly rent or having technical stuff in your property breakdown such as a boiler. Also, if you pay an agency to deal with your tenants, you are eating into your returns.

Our Alternative Buy-to-Let Investment Opportunity 

Buy2LetCars is a very straight forward and transparent alternative investment with no hidden complications throughout the 3-year cycle; you know how much you are getting month to month with our types of investments.

Once you have invested your capital, we buy a vehicle that is leased out through our car Lease Company Wheels4Sure. The car lease company deal with everything from checking the end-user to insuring the vehicle. When making a property investment, you are subject to house price growth and don’t have the luxury of gaining up to 11% per annum in just 3 years. As the property prices and the housing market is so up and down from month to month, so are the level of returns.

Start Investing with Buy2LetCars Today! 

There are many ways to find out more about our investment opportunities and how to come on board. If you want to know more or are looking for investment advice, you can come and visit our lovely walk-in centre at 1 Bell Parade, Glebe Way, West Wickham BR4 0RH or contact us on on 0208 289 6667 or email us at

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