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James Middleweek

Published on: 9th March 2017
Written by: James Middleweek

Last month we had an investor fund with us that probably had the most unusual and poignant reasons for investing we have ever heard.

The client in question is a part-time steward at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club and full-time landlord. A number of years ago he had a serious industrial accident which resulted in life changing injuries and an extended leave of absence from work.

After a long period of rehabilitation his life slowly began to come back together but he could no longer continue his current job, his home life was affected and had to consider other avenues to receive income.

He received a large payout from the Parties at fault that caused his accident and decided to put the money to good use and purchased six buy-to-let properties all of which were in newly-built apartment blocks in and around Leicester. All of his properties were still under warranty from the builder and his tenants were reliable so everything was going well.

His only issue was that the type of rental agreement he had with his tenants was such that he had to cover the service charges. On six properties this was coming to several hundred pounds each month.

After following us for a while on Twitter he made an appointment to come down and see us at our West Wickham business centre. He had nothing but positive feedback about our investment and being a buy-to-let landlord he really understood our model and appreciated the low maintenance nature of our products.

He agreed to fund two cars at a cost of £28,000. This gives him a rate of 10% per annum and a monthly payment of £511.38.

His monthly repayments more than cover his service charges and leaves free him to concentrate on his Rugby!

If you would like to share our clients’ experiences of a great rate and a hassle-free investment please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me on 0203 823 1031, email me.

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