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Care Home Fees Covered With No Hassle

James Middleweek

Published on: 9th March 2017
Written by: James Middleweek

In my time at Buy2LetCars, I’ve found that there are many reasons why people want to invest. However, one of the main features of our investment that clients enjoy the most is the fact that they receive a monthly payment.


What investors do with their monthly payments varies depending on their own personal needs. Some treat the payments as a second income, some use the capital to fund other investments, and some will save them.


One of Our Local Investors

An investor local to us in West Wickham, Kent a number of years ago funded 10 cars (£140,000), and he enjoys receiving a monthly payment of £2,556.90.


Our client has been with us for quite some time, but it was only until recently that we discovered that the monthly repayments are used to help pay for his mother’s residential care home fees. He is looking to add to his fleet very soon, and his main reasons for doing so is the hands-off nature of our investment, and the set regular payments give him the peace of mind of knowing his mother’s fees will be covered with minimum fuss.

Our investments are very low maintenance. Something which is extremely useful to our clients when their minds are elsewhere. And, they have other commitments to consider.


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