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David or Goliath? 11% per annum paid since 2012

Reginald Larry-Cole

Published on: 5th December 2017
Written by: Reginald Larry Cole

‘Why are you being so modest about your achievements, said one of our early Buy2LetCars’ investor Chris Hughes. What do you mean? I said, ‘you are in the listing of the largest fleet companies in the UK and have moved up three places to 45 in under 5 years a few position behind BMW fleet and you don’t scream this from the roof tops?’ Chris said.

There it dawned on me, Buy2LetCars clients who are ordinary members of the public have done something rather incredible, in 2012 when we started this journey it was just two men in a broom cupboard who had a solution to two problems we face in this new economy 1. overcoming the effects of low interest rates and inflation 2. overcoming the effects of credit scarcity in the automotive industry. Much like the buy to let housing market which only began to go mainstream after the Housing Act of 1980, no one had heard or thought of buy to let cars till Buy2LetCars launched in 2012.

No. of cars on the road0Approaching 1200
No. of funders0500+
No. of manufacturers015 including Mercedes, BMW, Mini
No. of lessees served0Over 2000
FN50 positionN/A45 (48 in 2016)
OfficesBroom cupboard5 offices in Surrey & Kent

When it is laid out like that you get to understand why Chris wants us to scream from the rooftops and swing on chandeliers to tell you what we have done together! Buy2LetCars and Wheels4Sure (our leasing arm) is the world’s first car leasing company funded by people for people. On the funding side we help you obtain better returns on your hard earned cash, on the leasing side and because of your support Key Workers such as Nurses, Teachers, and Police Officers etc. get a fair and transparent deal- a win/win for all.

The question is not whether your money is already involved in the car leasing market, because it is, the question is are you reaping the rewards? Unless you have funded cars through Buy2LetCars I am certain the answer is NO. The car financing sector is the fastest growing area of the finance industry in the UK worth £58billion a year! Funding a car has to have a place in your diversified investment portfolio. Chris as you will hear below sold his company for a tidy sum, to the point where he has invested over £1/2 million since 2012 in a hands free investment, receiving monthly payments at a rate of 11% per annum since 2012. All car ownership challenges, depreciation, write offs, accident repossessions etc. are nothing to do with Chris why? Buy2LetCars does all the work for you, our process is the ultimate definition of collaborative consumption.

Examples of collaborative consumption at work

  • Air bnb does not own any hotels
  • Uber does not own any cars
  • Facebook does not have any journalists or newspapers
  • eBay does not auction off its own products.

The new economy is about putting suppliers (you the funder) and consumers (lessees of the cars you fund) together and Buy2LetCars manages the whole process it is that simple!

Skinny return

You—->Cash—->Bank—->Leasearm—->Driver Customer

Healthy return

You—–>Cash—->Buy2LetCars—->Driver Customer

You hand over you hard earned cash to a bank example Lloyds who own a car leasing business Lex Auto lease. Your cash is then used to buy a car for the purpose of leasing it to the public or company.

However with Buy2LetCars, you are the bank and therefore YOU reap the rewards up to 11% per annum. Hundreds of clients all across the UK and now internationally as well have reaped the benefits of doing business with Buy2LetCars.

Hear from another happy client David Cook.

I have been investing with this company for over 3 years now, & will continue for the foreseeable future. No problems with payments very impressed

David Cook December 1, 2017

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Either way your money is working in the car leasing industry, the choice is simple on one hand you reap the rewards with Buy2LetCars on the other you don’t it’s that simple.

Goliath (the big boys) keeps your spoils and David (Buy2LetCars) you earn up to 11%.

Are you letting Goliath eat into your hard earned cash or would you collaborate with Buy2LetCars and earn up to 11% per annum?

Special offer – extra 1% up to our top rate of 11% for all transactions concluded by 20th December. Contact our consultants now to take advantage of our special offer!

Contact us and let your money work for you direct in the fastest growing sector in the finance industry worth £58billion per annum. Buy2LetCars is your only route to this lucrative saving mechanism.

To get your money working extra harder contact us by phone on 020 8289 6667, email or simply fill in this contact page.

Buy2LetCars funded by people for people since 2012.

Listen to a Buy2LetCars investor with 22 cars funded and a client since summer 2012.

The fastest growing sector in the finance industry worth £58billion per annum!

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