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the best way to invest 20k

The best way to invest 20k

Brett Cheesman

Published on: 18th August 2017
Written by: Brett Cheesman

At Buy2LetCars, there are a variety of ways in getting a great return on your capital, our levels of returns over a 3-year investment are as follows:


  • £7,000 – £10,000 we offer 7% per annum return,
  • £14,000 we offer 9% per annum return
  • £28,000 we offer 10% per annum return
  • £98,000 and above we offer 11% per annum return

The Best Way to Invest 20k

When we have clients looking for the best way to invest £20k we suggest they invest either 2 x £10K which will give you two sets of 7% per annum and a total gain of at the end of the 3 years of £4,200 on your £20K investment.


Another way is if you can invest £21,000 (£14K and £7K) this will give you 7% per annum on the 7K and 9% per annum on the 14K giving you a gain at the end of the 3 years of £5,880. What my clients love about the investment options we provide is that they can invest smaller amounts over just 3 years. Recently I had a client who was looking at adding to his fleet of cars but had £25K to invest, and he was happy as he has so many different options of return.


The £7K – £10k investment level is a new level we recently introduced and have found this to be very popular, we found a lot of people had money to invest, but many had sub £14K when wanting to invest but can now get a great return on their capital rather than losing money on it being in the bank.


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