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I have a fleet of over 20 cars but am re-mortgaging to add more!

Brett Cheesman

Published on: 9th March 2017
Written by: Brett Cheesman

I have an investor who lives in Scotland who unfortunately I have never had the pleasure of meeting face-to-face, all correspondence has been via the phone. However after following us for well over two years and numerous phone conversations with me he decided to fund seven cars as his initial investment.

Throughout 2016 he added more cars consistently month after month taking him to well over 20. He is an extremely astute investor who has a very diverse portfolio, he has even sent me through a spreadsheet that he has made up of how he saves his monthly payments month after month, and when he will have enough to add to his ever expanding fleet of which he’s happy with me to pass on to anyone as a guide who is thinking about taking the same approach. Every time we speak we are on the phone for over 30 minutes catching up with business, families, life etc.

I would like to think that we have built a thoroughly strong business relationship so much so that we have the confidence to chat about our social and domestic stuff. After our last conversation a few weeks ago he has advised me that he is looking to remortgage a rented property to release a large amount of equity that he will be using to fund further vehicles to take his fleet to over 30! I would say that the two years he spent looking at us was time well spent because now he’s enjoying a return of 11% per annum. Where else can you gain that in such a hands-off secure way?

If you would like to find out more on how you can earn from 7-11% per annum, in a hassle-free way please feel free to contact me on 0203 823 1032 or and I will be happy to answer any questions that you have.

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