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Invest and Reinvest with Confidence

James Middleweek

Published on: 9th March 2017
Written by: James Middleweek

This week one of my clients chose to reinvest. He first invested with us back in September 2016 with two cars (£28,000) and this week he invested another six cars (£84,000) after selling a property and choosing to get better returns with his hard-earned capital. This speaks volumes as after only four months into his three-year cycle with us he felt confident to reinvest.


One of the main reasons for his decision to reinvest is the transparency and simplicity of our business: you know every month how much you will be receiving and what your final payment is going to be and how much your total gross gain will be. This means that you can plan for your or your family’s future and choose to use your returns how you want.


The first time we spoke I explained, “Our business model is not a get rich quick scheme”, but with returns of 7-11% per annum on your capital, it’s a great way to get your money working hard for you. I look forward to a long business relationship with him.


I previously spent 20 years working in business-to-business sales, never developing a relationship with my clients like I have now. I love helping people with their money in such a simple and easy way.


The thing that that I have realised since joining Buy2LetCars is that people want to gain the best return they can get on their capital in the simplest way. Now that we are into our fifth year with a 0% funder default rating, it’s a no brainer. Once a potential investor understands what we do, the three main points are:


  • 7-11% per annum return.
  • Fixed monthly payments guaranteed regardless of the end-user.
  • 0% default rate.


If you are looking to get a great return on your money, please call me on 0203 823 1033 or email me on

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