It is safe to say that our investment options are very different from other ‘buy-to-let’ opportunities. Not only do we offer one of the highest returns in the UK market at up to 11% p.a., but your investment also helps a hard working, credit-challenged person get back on the road in a new reliable rental car.

High return investments - Up to 11%

High return investments - Up to 11%

Are you tired of seeing poor returns on your savings and investments? Invest with us and watch your money grow! Here at Buy2LetCars we do things a little differently from traditional investment methods, and consistently deliver high returns for our investors* with our asset-backed scheme.

When you invest with Buy2LetCars, your investment will fund the purchase of cars which are leased out to UK drivers over 3 years. This delivers returns of up to 11% per annum* for you. Your capital is repaid in monthly installments over the 36 months with a final balancing lump-sum payment amount plus interest being paid to you in month 37.

Think of what you could be doing with your high return investment!

Your investment can help others

In the UK, 80%* of new cars are purchased using credit from a bank or finance company. For people with poor credit ratings, getting accepted for one of these loans is difficult and even if they find a willing lender, the interest rates can be extortionate.

In reality, many of these people no longer have any financial problems and may be earning a good salary, (often key workers like teachers, nurses or train drivers, or even self employed) but traditional credit lines are not viable for them.

So not only is your investment improving your bank balance with high returns, but you also get the warm fuzzy feeling that the lease car we purchase for you is helping those in need get back on the road. This is what makes Buy2LetCars a great UK investment opportunity.

*As reported by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in their 2014 report.

Our 4 steps to financial growth

1. Invest

The investment you make is loaned as capital for us to purchase a vehicle

2. Lease

Our sister company Wheels4Sure manages the lease to a customer

3. Returns

You will receive 36 monthly repayments of capital into your bank

4. Interest

In month 37, receive your final payment of remainder of capital plus interest

What are people saying about us?

Because of their high returns from this method of investing, hundreds of our investors have reinvested with us after their three-year contract has ended, and they have received their exit payment. In fact, one of our largest investors has done just that several times and now has £2.3 million invested with us.

We are proud of the relationship we have with our investors, which is why we do two things:

  1. Regularly hold free Investment Seminars where interested individuals can come and meet not only the senior management team at Buy2LetCars and CEO and founder, Reginald Larry-Cole, but also chat to current investors and quiz them on how the investment model has worked for them. You can find details of our upcoming events here.
  2. We are fully transparent about our business, and the best way to show this is through customer feedback. To this end, we collect feedback and comments from current investors and make it available so you can see for yourself the different experiences of actual investors. Our customer rating on TrustPilot is 5 Stars ‘Excellent’ 9.7 out of 10.

Frequently asked questions

Does anything ever go wrong?

If an end user fails to pay the vehicle hire payments and it is not possible to lease out that vehicle to another user, then Buy2LetCars will arrange for the sale of that vehicle. After the sale of the vehicle the amount returned to you will always be at least 85% of the amount you invested, as Buy2LetCars will pay you any shortfall up to this amount. However please note that this does not mean your investment is completely guaranteed up to 85%, as this amount depends on Buy2LetCars being able to make up any shortfall.

How can I make money on a car?

In the UK 80% of new vehicles are purchased on a finance package. Financial institutions and banks get involved in this market as it provides a secured, asset-backed return. You have the same opportunity to fund a lease vehicle through Buy2LetCars and see that vehicle deliver a return for you over three years.

Why should I invest with Buy2LetCars?

People invest with us for a whole range of reasons – you may be looking to save for your first home, to fund a child through university, save for a wedding or a big family occasion, or to build your savings for retirement.

Whatever you’re saving for we aim to make your money work harder so that it delivers the best returns possible.

And with our rock solid 5 star TrustPilot reviews built up over the last 7 years, and FN50 status, you can be assured your money is in very safe hands.

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