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We’re all familiar with the concept of “Buy to Let” investments, in particular relating to property, where an investor will purchase a house or flat, then try to let it out to a tennant and earn a profit on the monthly rental (hopefully). Our model follows a similar theme, except with leasing cars in place of property.

The Buy2Let Cars Process

Invest & Purchase
Invest & Purchase

The process begins with investors lending their investment amount to Buy2LetCars for three years. We then use this amount to purchase a brand new car on your behalf.

Vetting & Leasing
Vetting & Leasing

Wheels4Sure then leases that car out to a thoroughly vetted UK driver over that three year period – usually a driver with a less than perfect credit rating but who can afford the monthly payments.

Monthly Payments
Monthly Payments

Every month the driver makes their lease payment and Buy2LetCars repays the investor into a UK bank account – every month for 36 months. These payments are wholly return of capital with no interest therefore attracting no tax.


Wheels4Sure manages every element of the lease including scheduled car maintenance, checking that insurance is in place, handling any fines and monitoring mileage.

End Of Lease
End Of Lease

At the end of the 36 months the driver returns the vehicle and often chooses another brand new vehicle to lease for the next three years.

Final Payments
Final Payments

On month 37 the investor receives their final exit payment from Buy2LetCars completing their returns. This final payment consists of the remainder of capital and interest element.

Investing with Buy2LetCars gives you a monthly income

Investing with Buy2LetCars gives you a monthly income

Over 70% of our funders have or had links to Buy-to-Let properties, often because our business models are very similar. A funder will simply loan us a lump sum of capital, and with that money we will purchase a brand new car and then lease it out through our sister company Wheels4Sure.

The income from this provides a return on their capital of between 7-11% p.a return, with the added benefit of regular monthly payments. These 36 monthly payments constitute the return of capital, so are also tax-free. The final payment in month 37 constitutes the interest gained during the term of your investment plus the remainder of the capital. If you invest as a private individual, we are obligated to retain 20% for tax purposes. However, if you invest as a limited company, the full gain is paid with zero withholding.

Relax - it’s hands-free PLUS no fees!

Unlike property investing, you won’t have to lift a finger to benefit from this great return of 7 to 11% p.a.. We manage the entire process on your behalf with your own dedicated account manager on hand to answer any questions. But also unlike property investment, we don’t charge ANY fees for this service.

The whole leasing process of vehicle purchase, taxing, vetting lessees, taking payments and maintenance, is handled entirely by our sister company Wheels4Sure. We also ensure your asset is protected by using state of the art tracking and immobilisation technology inside every car.

What are people saying about us?

Hundreds of our investors have reached the end of their three-year contract with us, received their exit payment in full and decided to reinvest in the business model because it has worked for them. In fact one of our largest investors has done just that several times and now has £2.3 million invested with us.

We are proud of the relationship we have with our investors which is why we do two things:

1. Regularly hold free Investment Seminars where interested individuals can come and meet not only the senior management team at Buy2LetCars and CEO and founder, Reginald Larry-Cole, but also chat to current investors and quiz them on how the investment model has worked for them. You can find details of our upcoming events here.

2. We are fully transparent about our business and the best way to show this is through customer feedback. To this end, we collect feedback and comments from current investors and make it available so you can see for yourself the different experiences of actual investors. Our customer rating on TrustPilot is 5 Stars ‘Excellent’ 9.7 out of 10.

Our TrustPilot reviews

Since our launch in 2012, we have been steadily collecting the highest customer satisfaction rating on TrustPilot. Also within their categories, we are rated 2nd out of 39 in Asset Management, and 5th in the broader Investment category.

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