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Very few forms of income or repayments come in a monthly format. A vast amount of corporate structures and organisation’s processes are based on a 4-week cycle as do Buy2LetCars. If you’re struggling to find where to invest money to get a monthly income then Buy2LetCars may be right for you.

Our investments give you a monthly income
Our investments give you a monthly income

Our repayment schedule matches the same term length of three years which we will lease the vehicle out for and allows the investor a monthly revenue. This income constitutes part of the return of capital, and as such is paid to you tax free!

We find these repayments are used by investors in a variety of ways. Some will just bank the repayments, some use repayments to fund their children’s university fees. We have even heard of investors using the repayments to fund mortgages or vehicle lease repayments.

Why not get started today? Your first repayment amount can be in your account the month following your investment.

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Our 100% repayment record

Whatever you decide to do with this regular monthly income, you have the peace of mind knowing that the money will be in your account on the 25th of each and every month without fail – and that’s why we have a 100% repayment history since 2012, and plan to maintain this into the future.

As with all types of investment, there are several types of risk associated with investing with Buy2LetCars. We take these very seriously and we are keen that our clients should understand these risks too, so that they can make investment decisions that best reflect their personal risk appetite.

Key Risks

Our 4 steps to financial growth

1. Invest

The investment you make is loaned as capital for us to purchase a vehicle

2. Lease

Our sister company Wheels4Sure manages the lease to a customer

3. Returns

You will receive 36 monthly repayments of capital into your bank

4. Interest

In month 37, receive your final payment of remainder of capital plus interest

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