One of the highest returns UK Investment Opportunity

A good example is a customer who contacted us in January 2016 having undergone a messy divorce. Despite earning an annual salary in excess of £50,000 in the aviation industry, his lines of credit were non-existent and he had no way of funding a new car – but plenty of spare income to afford the monthly payments.

Our sister company Wheels4Sure was able to lease him his exact choice of vehicle at a fixed monthly price over three years. His monthly payment covered his lease, service plan with a main dealer and full breakdown cover and his car was protected with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The reason he was able to do this was simple: Buy2LetCars.

*As reported by The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders in their 2014 report.

Buy2LetCars - Our Investments

The process

  • Every investor in Buy2LetCars invests their money by lending it to Buy2LetCars for three years which then arranges for a company within the group to purchase a brand new car.
  • Wheels4Sure then leases that car out to a thoroughly vetted UK driver over that three year period – usually a driver with a less than perfect credit rating but who can afford the monthly payments.
  • Every month the driver makes their lease payment and Buy2LetCars repays the investor into a UK bank account – every month for 36 months. These payments are wholly return of capital with no interest therefore attracting no tax.

  • Wheels4Sure manages every element of the lease including scheduled car maintenance, checking that insurance is in place, handling any fines and monitoring mileage. Because the investment is ‘asset backed’, you as the lender can choose to have security over the car you have funded whilst your investment remains outstanding.
  • At the end of the 36 months the driver returns the vehicle and often chooses another brand new vehicle to lease for the next three years. Always brand new cars with a full manufacturer’s warranty.
  • On month 37 the investor receives their final exit payment from Buy2LetCars completing their returns. This final payment consists of the remainder of capital and interest element. Please note if you fund as a private individual Buy2LetCars are obligated to withhold and pay HMRC 20% of the interest element only.

Does anything ever go wrong?

The short answer is that we have never defaulted on a repayment to an investor.

We would always advise that you consider any UK investment opportunity carefully and you may wish to take advice from an Independent Financial Adviser.

The longer answer is this….

We take the protection of our investor’s money very seriously. Our reputation depends on it.

To ensure that we have maximum control over the asset relating to your investment (the car) at all times we fit sophisticated Smart Telematics and Tracking Software to the car. Every month the car driver will need to enter a code into the car in order to use it and this is only supplied once their full payment has been received. Without that payment the car is immobilised. Should the worst happen and a driver can no longer afford to lease the car, we can recover the car using the Tracking system and, once returned, hire it out to another Wheels4Sure customer with the minimum of delay. If the driver defaulted and in the unlikely event we were unable to lease your car out again, the maximum loss on your original loan would be 15%* and your final exit payment would be reduced on a pro-rata basis to reflect the shorter term loan.

What are other people saying about Buy2LetCars?

Hundreds of our investors have reached the end of their three-year contract with us, received their exit payment in full and decided to reinvest in the business model because it has worked for them. In fact one of our largest investors has done just that several times and now has £2.3 million invested with us.

We are proud of the relationship we have with our investors which is why we do two things:

  • Regularly hold Investment Seminars where interested individuals can come and meet not only the senior management team at Buy2LetCars and CEO and founder, Reginald Larry-Cole, but also chat to current investors and quiz them on how the investment model has worked for them. You can find details of our upcoming events here.
  • We collect feedback and comments from current investors and make it available here so you can see for yourself the different experiences.

Get in touch!

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Important Notice
Your capital may be at risk. The value of your investment may reduce in value and actual returns may be lower than expected. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. Please familiarise yourself with the risks involved by reading our FAQs and Key Risks.