Our Investors

Chris Hughes – Buy2LetCars Investor

Priya – Buy2LetCars Investor

As a buy to let property investor, the opportunities to find value in the property market have diminished, given the recent increases in stamp duty and tax on profit. Therefore, I was keen to identify alternative sources of income which offered good returns with limited hassle.
I had been following the progress of Buy2Letcars through the financial media and, at the point the original investors began to receive their final payments, I decided to take the leap of faith and to commit my money. I first spoke with Brett Cheeseman who explained the process at length and answered all my questions in relation to the mechanics and the risk involved in such an investment. Brett sent me the relevant paperwork and supported me throughout the registration process.
Once I had made the relevant payments, my investment began to deliver returns as promised and I have received monthly payments on time each month. Brett has continued to be available when I have queries and, almost a year in, my investment has indeed been hassle free.
I am in no doubt that I will be investing further in Buy2LetCars at some point in the future, possibly to fund my teenage children’s university costs or to get them on the housing ladder but, whatever the purpose, the good returns and lack of effort on my part make this a very attractive proposition indeed.

Mr R

Over the years I have made many different investments in various schemes with varying results. But I am pleased to say that the Car Scheme of “Buy2LetCars” has proved to be the best investment I have made and I will continue to invest in the scheme as an excellent way to gain a healthy return.

Mr H

I have financed three vehicles through Buy2LetCars and have been impressed with their service and responsiveness. The repayments have all been made on time and fuss free. I’ll certainly be adding to my portfolio when the opportunity arises.

Mr S

I have been investing with Buy2LetCars for over 3 years. They have done everything they said they would do. This is an excellent investment and it feels very safe.

Mrs J

I was looking for a safe investment with a good interest rate (isn’t everyone!) The pay outs arrive on time without fail each month. Unsurprisingly they have a 100% success rate over a number of years with these investments. This inspires confidence in this product. Their customer service is excellent. They make it as easy as possible to make the investment and answer any queries.

Consequently I have bought more than one car to let. They also allow you to switch names on the investment between you and your partner to take advantage of any tax breaks. In summary an excellent investment.

Mr K

I invested with Buy2LetCars because I liked the idea of sharing my money around and help other people but at the same time benefiting myself. I don’t like the idea of my money sitting in the bank eroding away.

This just seemed like the ideal opportunity as you don’t have to start with a massive amount like property. I’m a nurse I work very hard for my money and I’m not interested in stocks and shares I don’t particularly understand them, this is extremely straight forward and hands off. Brett has been extremely professional, honest and there when I have had any questions. I always get my money on time every month and have recently added to my fleet.

Mrs R

I was recommended by a friend to consider investing with Buy2LetCars as I was looking at alternative investments to the usual ISA’s and their ever reducing returns. I wished to provide an income for my daughter who started University in Sept 16.

Brett was so helpful and professional and I quickly decided to fund my first vehicle in August 16. I added a second in November 16 and am considering a third for early 2017. I would recommend them to anyone seeking an excellent and secure return from a very professional business team.

Mr P

I decided to invest with Buy2LetCars when, having conducted some due diligence, I became convinced that the business model, potential for growth in the business  and the likely returns on my capital, justified the small risk level associated with this investment. The regular repayment of my capital over the contracted period coupled with the final balloon payment also suited my cash-flow needs over the medium term this alongside the excellent and professional service I received from my account manager Brett has made this a great investment.
I look forward to re-investing when my profits have been realised.

Mr T

I closely monitored the business over a 1 year period with a level of natural reservation of outlaying such a large sum of cash, but what looked a solid business model and seeing the early investors receiving their final pay-outs eradicated all reservations.
Brett Cheesman guided me through the process from start to end of which I must say was extremely simplistic and painless, and thank him for his efforts.
All payments have been on time as promised and I will be reinvesting in the next 6 months once I have further funds to do so.

Mr J

Looking for a safe investment giving a good return, I came across the Buy2letcars site. There were several options for the capital invested and the duration of the repayments. I went for the “Option 3”, where I invested £16400, which repays 16% over a 2 year period.

What I like is that I get a monthly payment of £594 for the 2 year period, and then a final payment of £4756 on the 25th month. Communication with Brett, my contact there, has always been very proactive and clear. Payment is always on time, and I always have the security of the car if anything was to go wrong! I am now starting my second year, and already have a second car with them.

Everything has always been very well explained, and the paperwork defines everything very well. Very satisfied with the way things have been handled.

Mr M

I’m in the fortunate position of having a mortgage set at a fixed interest rate of 0.44% above Bank of England base rate. I’ve built up some extra cash and as the mortgage is interest only, my heart would like to pay the mortgage down. My head thinks paying down a mortgage currently at a rate of 0.69% is an absolutely crazy idea, which is why I invest with Buy2LetCars where I can earn between 9 and 11% and ultimately pay the mortgage off even sooner.

Mr S

We have been investors in Buy2LetCars for over 3 years and can wholeheartedly recommend the scheme to anyone. Before we took the plunge (our thinking being “if it sounds too good to be true, then it is”) we looked very carefully into the idea behind this type of investment. There was only one real way to find out so we purchased two cars. Sure enough, on the 25th of the following month (and consequently every month since) the return on our investment was there in our bank account. Over the ensuing years we bought seven more cars giving our bank account a great boost every month. The original two cars had their final payments last July and we will shortly be in a position to purchase further cars. To those investors who may be feeling a little hesitant, we would say “Invest with confidence – this is one scheme which really is as good as it sounds!”

Mr W

I became aware of Buy2LetCars in 2012 when they started up. The returns they offered were very attractive and I liked the fact it was an asset backed , hands free investment. 
I watched the company over next 4 years and then in September 2016 I took the decision to invest in four cars. My primary contact is Brett at BTLC and one thing that helped me decide to invest is his ‘non pushy’ approach. …we spoke many times over last year or so, I repeatedly came back to him with questions and I must say he is extremely patient and easy to relate to. At no time did I feel I was pushed. I also attended one of the Buy2LetCars ‘investment evenings’ in summer 2016…and for me that was the final clincher as I met a number of other investors showing me there were ‘real people’ out there doing this! …. they were clearly happy with the outcome. 
Since my investment I have visited the Buy2LetCars office in Godstone where I met with Brett, Reg and Scott. Reg and Scott own the company. I found them to be very easy to relate to. No ‘Airs and graces’. They were extremely happy to answer more questions from me and this cemented my confidence further.

Mr C

My first investment was a single buy to let Nissan Juke. I signed up in 2014. Prior to signing I spent some time quizzing the Buy2LetCars team on their business strategy and I was very pleased that a sustainable business plan IS behind the headlines that sounded “too good to be true”. I’ve been burned before by our enemy Ponzi. So this was a big concern for me.
I was anxious, as with any investment, however, like a diamond amongst the coal, Buy2LetCars have come through with EVERY word they said. I hold the log book for my vehicle, exactly as promised.
Buy2LetCars truly “say as they do and do as they say”. Monthly payments have not missed a single beat and I am 100% doubtless of their integrity.
I will definitely be investing profits from my recent high risk investments into B2L to create a regular asset backed, diversified, income. Truly wonderful and perfect complement to my investment portfolio. Keep it up Buy2LetCars. I wish I had more opportunity to say this about other suppliers/trades. Buy2LetCars ARE Very special. Thank you Buy2LetCars

Mr M

I first invested in Buy2LetCars in late October 2013 by making a cautious “toe in the water” expenditure of £13500 .  Like many retired businessmen I have made a number of speculative investments in the past in order to do something more interesting with my savings than leave them sitting in a Building Society doing very little.  Not all of these ventures have worked out well so before I took my modest plunge I decided to visit the Buy 2  Let offices in West Wickham, with an old friend, to meet James Middleweek the executive with whom I had been discussing the matter on the telephone.  I was firstly encouraged by the unostentatious nature of the offices suggesting that customers’ money had been used to purchase and operate the cars themselves and not to build up a fancy presentation that could come tumbling down in the event of a business downturn.

I found James to be helpful and matter of fact and one of the features that has impressed me about my relationship with the Company is that whenever I have subsequently wished to contact or question him about something I have always been able to do so and if he was not immediately available he has  always telephoned me back again.  Personal contact on these things  makes a huge difference in my opinion .  All I can say is the that the first contract that I have had with Buy2LetCars has ended today exactly as scheduled  and that the designated funds are safely in my Bank account. All monthly payments, consisting of 11%  interest and the return of portions of the original capital, have been on time and because, after a year or so of my initial investment, everything seemed to be going smoothly I made a second larger investment of £25000 which also seems to be progressing as planned.  

My commercial experience with Buy2LetCars has worked out exactly as specified and I have recommended the company to others as a safe haven for their savings.  One always has concerns when making these slightly  unconventional decisions for the first time but I have been completely happy with Buy2LetCars and now that my first contract has ended

I am giving consideration to making a third investment. I wish the Company  continued success and on the basis of my experience to date will be happy to write further in its support.

Mr G

3 years ago I was looking for new investment opportunities, this was a time when interest rates were low and likely to fall further so i wasn’t keen on the idea of leaving my money in the banks when it could and should be earning a better rate of return. I first came to hear about Buy2letCars on the radio (LBC) and was very suspicious about the high rate of return offered, so i did my own research as I am a sceptic by nature. I decided not to do anything for a month but then heard the same radio ad again and decided to give Buy2letCars a ring and put forward all the reservations i had (i had made a list of questions). To be honest i was expecting a sales pitch when i called but was in fact pleasantly surprised by the approach and informative nature of the conversation, coupled with the fact there was never any pressure on me to actually invest my money. I put the phone down and did some further calculations of my own and some more thinking and everything seemed to be in place, so decided to call them back.
From the moment i invested the whole procedure was very straight forward, low maintenance and very reliable, perfect for a hands off investor who wanted a higher but reliable rate of return.

My 3 year investment has now matured and as promised Buy2letCars were informative and supportive every step of the way. I can now confidently recommend buy2letcars to my family and friends, some of who have already invested. 

I would simply recommend any would be investors to simply give Buy2letCars a call and discuss any reservations you may have.

It worked for me and i’m very grateful to James and the rest of the team

Mr S

Buy2letCars have delivered on their deal-you can’t ask for more and I have recommended them to family and friends without hesitation.

Mr O

Having heard the radio adverts for a year since its inception, my wife and I found ourselves in a position where we had partial funds we needed to park for three years. The timing was just right. The amount was comfortably low so we decided to take the plunge and purchased two investment vehicles followed by another two cars later that year. The first two balance payments were received earlier this month and with the upcoming final balance payments from the other two vehicles we will have benefited from a tidy lump sum impossible to have achieved had we left it sitting in a bank.

Mr R

I was first recommended to consider Buy2LetCars in the Spring of 2016 by a fellow investor. I reviewed the information and made contact with Brett in July 16. We had a number of conversations about the investment details and I felt very comfortable with the information provided and Brett’s professionalism and enthusiasm for the business.

My first single investment was made in July 16. The purpose was to provide a monthly allowance for my daughter for her Year 1 University studies
Further investments and vehicles followed and I now have a fleet of 5 vehicles and am very pleased indeed as a result.

I regularly speak with Brett and am very keen to hear about how the business continues to grow and develop into additional areas

Additionally, my retired mother is considering a 2 vehicle investment in Summer 17 – she has ISA maturing and we discussed the investment opportunity and she is to now proceed with Buy2LetCars to generate her a monthly income.

Mr T