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The Queen, £58 billion a year industry and what if’s…

Reginald Larry-Cole

Published on: 12th November 2017
Written by: Reginald Larry Cole

Fresh from a very successful show at The National Landlord Investment Show, we thought it would help to answer a few ‘What if’s’ with graphic photographs – a picture they say paints a thousand words.

As the property market conditions are being strangled by red tape, Buy2LetCars is proving a suitable alternative for clients looking for a better return – indeed our largest funder is a property magnate has been with us since December 2012 and has funded over 120 vehicles with every payment due being made on time and as per contract. He has experienced two complete payment cycles in years 2015, 2016 and several contracts in his portfolio maturing every month in 2017.

The car finance sector is the fastest growing area in the whole UK finance sector and is worth £58 billion yearly. However until 2012 the only people taking advantage of this huge market were banks and car finance companies (funded by banks). However in 2012 we launched Buy2LetCars giving the wider public access inflation beating returns of up to 11% per year return and we have helped hundreds of clients all across the UK and expats across the wider world.

Our stand at The National Landlord Investment Show 2017

We are always amazed when people say 11% per annum sounds too good to be true, you are right, it is good and true- however we can show you several car finance websites funded by banks where the returns achieved using your cash is north of 49%! This is very common place in today’s market and it is going on every day in the UK. In essence your cash is at work earning 49% while your savings is returning you -2.5% (3% inflation, base rate 0.5%). Is it not time you joined Her Majesty the Queen?

The news last week about Lewis Hamilton and The Queen revealed that the Royal Household is also wising up to the fact that leaving cash idle these days is waving good bye to the buying power of such and therefore some of the funds available is being invested in the non-mainstream market for better returns. Is it not time you make the same move?

What is the worst that can happen? Well it has! Now in our 6th year of trading we have seen all the possible scenarios within the business.

Burnt Out Car

The client who funded this car did not experience any delay or reduction in payment. The car was immediately replaced for another brand new car, the funder got paid on time and the lessee carried on with his lease in a brand new car. Fiscal downside to funder – NIL.

What if’s clarified

All ‘what ifs’ associated with car ownership is the full and sole responsibility of Buy2LetCars. Not a single funder has been fiscally compromised because of depreciation, insurance, non – revenue etc. it is all handled by us here at Buy2LetCars.

Several income streams

Several income streams

Above is the first car we bought, that was funded by Mr Sohail in 2012, from that point he received his monthly payments in full and on time and received his final payment in month 37 exactly as per schedule earning him a total return of 33% over 3 years.

The car was then released as a used car to another lessee for 24 months, and has just recently been sold on a rent to own contract via our used car arm PayGo Cars. The point is unlike traditional lease model our assets continue to earn revenue for us after the first three years, and the beauty is the original funder holds no further interest in the asset, every revenue is pure income. This is why we have done what we have done for our funders since 2012, 100% funder satisfaction, 0% default and every payment is met in full and on time.

Listen to a Buy2LetCars investor with 22 cars funded and a client since summer 2012.


With inflation at 3%, most people are losing 2.5% on idle cash because of low interest rates.
Why not join the hundreds of clients we have helped since inception at 2012 to achieve:

  • 100% satisfaction rating
  • 0% default

Our funders tell us via testimonial verbal and written that this is the top investment in their portfolio that is a hands off investment and performing at the highest level in their portfolio.

If you are a Buy2LetCars client and wish to add to your fleet please contact your Funding Consultant, and if you are yet to become a client, why don’t you give us a call on 0208 289 6667 or email us at so that we can show you how we have helped hundreds of clients fund over £20 million worth of vehicles earning up to 11% per annum with a 0% default rating since inception.

Buy2LetCars has to have a place in your diversified portfolio to combat the effects of low interest rates and high inflation. Hundreds have gone on before you it is time you give us an opportunity to show you how simple this investment can be for you.

Brand new mini

Here is a Brand New Mini funded by a Buy2LetCars funder who is now EARNING 11% per annum return of his lazy cash. Get your money working harder with Buy2LetCars.

Find out more now, call 0208 289 6667 or email or fill out this short form for a call back.

Buy2LetCars funded by people for people.

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