We want to offer our investors complete transparency...

In our communication with our community of investors, prospects, and followers we have always been transparent. Between the 4th of Jan 2021 and the 3rd of Feb 2021 we had nearly 300 applications.
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Your benefits:

100% Track Record

Asset Backed

Secured with technology

Fully Managed

Fixed Contract

Fixed Term

Fixed Monthly Returns

Fixed Interest Rates

100% Investor Satisfaction Rating

0% Default

Zero Fees

Leased to NHS and Other Key Workers

Take your investment to the next level!

Invest from £7,000+

Interest Rate Range

7%-11%IRR per annum

Recession proof model

15 Manufacturer partners

FN50 Top 50 lease in UK

£73million AUM

£60 billion a year industry

Watch Shaun's video here...

Shaun is an NHS worker, who is thanking our investors for making it possible for him to lease a brand new car during COVID-19.

What do our Wheels4Sure customers and Buy2LetCars investors say about us?

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Notice
Your capital may be at risk. The value of your investment may reduce in value and actual returns may be lower than expected. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. Please familiarise yourself with the risks involved by reading our FAQs above and Key Risks.

Your returns are generated by the hire of a car to an end user and the hire payments they make. Everyone leasing a car is fully vetted to ensure they can afford to make the payments on the three year lease. For extra peace of mind, Buy2LetCars will cover all monthly payments due to you up to at least 85% of the initial loan amount irrespective of the end user defaulting. In addition to this, the car you have funded is fitted with sophisticated Smart Telematics and Tracking Software which prevents any use of a car without due payment being made. Each month the driver needs to enter a code into the vehicle to continue using it and this code is only available to them once the full monthly payment has been received. Without the code the vehicle will be immobilised, prohibiting any further use

Buy2LetCars commits to honour every monthly payment due to you at least up to 85% of the initial loan amount, irrespective of end user default. We also pay a pro rata percentage of the returns due on the investment.

Every customer is manually vetted (the old fashioned banking way) for proof of monthly salary, monthly outgoings, identity and proof of occupation. In addition, every vehicle is fitted with Smart Telematics and Tracking Software, meaning that if a monthly payment is missed, the vehicle is immobilised and, if the payment is still not made, the vehicle is tracked and recovered.

In the UK 90% of new vehicles are purchased on a finance package. Financial institutions and banks get involved in this market as it provides a secured, asset-backed return. You have the same opportunity to fund a lease vehicle through Buy2LetCars and see that vehicle deliver a return for you over three years.

The responsibility for damage to the vehicle relating to your investment is firmly with the end user, the driver. However, where this responsibility is compromised, your contract with Buy2LetCars ensures that you are not financially responsible for any damage. This is in exactly the same way that a bank or finance company is not held responsible for damage for vehicles driven by an end user.

If an end user fails to pay the vehicle hire payments and it is not possible to lease out that vehicle to another user, then Buy2LetCars will arrange for the sale of that vehicle. After the sale of the vehicle the amount returned to you will always be at least 85% of the amount you invested, as Buy2LetCars will pay you any shortfall up to this amount. However please note that this does not mean your investment is completely guaranteed up to 85%, as this amount depends on Buy2LetCars being able to make up any shortfall.

Please click here for investor feedback. Please click here for car leasing feedback.

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